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A List view of our shows from 2014.  All 2014 shows have now been archived.  If you are interested in listening to particular show form the list, please Contact Us  and we can direct you to a link to listen.
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2014 – JANUARY

Show 40 – Sonia Hurren, Parent & Teenager Coach
Show 41 – Kerry Hales, The Complete Coach plusVIP guest Taylah Schrader and exciting news re: Australia Who Cares Wins roadtrip!
Show 42 – Kim Boggins plus Angela’s update from “down under”


Show 43 – Tim Box, Remedial Hypnotist, and update on what’s he doing and where.
Show 44 – Tales from Turkey by Josie Maguire (pen name of Miriam McGuirk)
Show 45 – Stephen Haynes of The Workplace Health & Wellbeing Network, Navigator Health and MiPins
Show 46 – Adrian Kearney of AK Pet Services


Show 47 – Claire Brummell, “The Relationist” talks about her business Love, Polarity & Passion
Show 48 – Juliet Shand talks about the wonderful charity she helps support, Erb’s Palsy Group UK
Show 49 – Happy Birthday Who Cares Wins – we are 1 year old, join the celebrations.
Show 50 – Robert Hisee, The Hypnotist Man
Show 51 – Julie Taylor, from Time2Shine Hypnotherapy joined us to discuss Hypnobirthing and much more.


Show 52 – Sherrill Hawker from Beating Bowel Cancer charity.
Show 53 – SPRING clean your mind and body, top tips from Angela plus here’s her SPRING clean your mind & body summary.
Show 54 – Louise Muddiman of Forever Living shares her story & the benefits of Aloe Vera


Show 53 repeat – SPRING clean your mind and body, top tips from Angela plus here’s her SPRING clean your mind & body summary.
Show 55 – Healthy Eating tips from Emily Curson-Baker of Food at One
Show 56 Liz Almond from Insightful Minds talks about Health, Wealth & Happiness.
Show 57 Our very own Jan Mulligan explains what her business Greenleafe Ergonomics is all about.


Show 58 Katherine from Faces of Ward 84
Show 59 Jennifer Hedley, Kent-based Mixed Media Artist and Bev Saunders of Edge Bespoke Picture Framing joined us to explore the “Art” of Wellbeing.
Show 60 Jane Wallace joined us to chat about The Psychology of Colour & what we can wear when we reach that certain age!
Show 61 Sara O’Regan of BraSense Ltd joined us to explain how the inspiration arose for her to setup her business. She also chats with us about how to lose weight by wearing the “right” bra.
Show 62 Martin Feaver, The Mind Body Connection, chatted with us about his current work and how we can create more “space” in our lives. He is also running a Retreat in September 2014, called “Coaching and Yoga Retreat for Men – A Breath of Fresh Air“.


Show 63 Show guests = Ourselves – you asked what we did, we share some tips from our expert areas, namely Angela’s business as a Mind & Body Coach, Another Journey Begins and Jan who is an Ergonomist & Disability Consultant, Greenleafe Ergonomics. Hear some hints and tips from the power of silence, music, eye breaks & exercises and more……
Show 64 Hear our interview with Cheryl White of New Leaf EFT who was the winner of our Acronym Quiz. Exciting news about Who Cares Wins announced too!
Show 65 Angela and Jan are away from the studio busy with lots of things. We also had a few technology issues after the severe electric storms, with our recorded shows, so today’s show was a repeat of Jan’s “Ergonomics Debunked” show.
Show 66 July 28th 2014 Angela and Jan are away from the studio busy with lots of things so we chose a show to repeat that is relevant for your Health & Wellbeing throughout the Summer Break. On this show Angela shares her Spring Clean Your Mind & Body top tips. Enjoy and keep in contact via either our twitter account, facebook page or email us. Enjoy your week everyone.


Show 67 August 4th While we are away from the studio, busy liaising with upcoming guests for our shows, we have chosen this week to re-visit the show we aired after attending the fantastic Wellbeing Symposium last November, organised by Wellbeing People. We met some great people, also had a go a the “smoothie challenge” (yes photo is of us celebrating our completing it, without collapsing!). If you wish to get “booked” into our show diary as a guest, do get Contact Us.
Show 68 August 11th As we are busy working away from the studio, this week, we repeated Jan’s “Celebration of 2013” and some of the guests we had on, the laughter we had and how Angela demonstrates her shy and retiring side ?!?
Show 69 August 18th While Angela and Jan are absent from the studio, Angela was able to catch a brief interview with Pete of Grove Ferry River Trips which she added onto the beginning of her revised “Celebration of 2013”. Do remember, our showtime changes on 15th September to 12 noon, a great excuse to start the working week by taking a lunchbreak and tuning in.
Show 70 August 25th Happy Birthday – again! As Angela and Jan aren’t able to get into the studio due to various assignments with future show planning etc, we chose to air a repeat of our Birthday Show from March this year. Thanks to all our listeners, guests & of course Channel Radio, who, without you, we wouldn’t still be here 🙂


Show 71 – September 1st Something new! We had a guest presenter, Martin Feaver host the show today with his own guest, Jill Keating of Care to Sing – Therapy Through Music.
Show 72 – September 8th – Great North Run Special Angela decided to catch some interviews from some of the many fabulous people who took part in this year’s Bupa Great North Run on Sunday, 7th September. She jogged and walked and chatted. Hear her experiences and some of the stories from the runners she met on her way around the 13.1 miles!
Show 73 – September 15th Our first show at the new Lunchtime slot of 12 noon. Lots of events, updates & more information on what we do under our professional “hats” of Another Journey Begins and Greenleafe Ergonomics.
Show 74 – September 22nd Another jam packed show full of hints, tips, news and events for all great things related to Health & Wellbeing. We covered healthy gardening, a little more on Mindfulness and how Alan Watkins and his talk on “Being Brilliant Every Day” shows how just “breathing” can get us towards a more positive emotional state.
Show 75 – September 29th This week’s guest was Luiza Kirk of Effortless Yoga chatting about how Yoga helped her recover from ME and how she now teaches others on a 1:1 basis to give her clients the opportunity to tune into their own needs; whether healing a back problem, freeing up a breathing pattern or releasing tension.


Show 76 – October 6th We were joined in the studio by Karly Vickers, Rebecca Smith and Jennie McArdle all from Social Enterprise Kent telling us about the wonderful work they do and their FREE “Pledge 2 Change” event taking place in Canterbury, Kent on Friday October 10th 2014.
Show 77 – October 13th Rory Murphy of Wellbeing People joined us to tell us all about their Wellbeing Symposium Event (which we will be at) taking place on Wednesday November 19th 2014 at the Kent Event Centre, Detling Showground, Maidstone, Kent. Full Agenda shows the great line up of speakers (and of course Exhibitiors). Are you coming? If you listen to the show, you may hear a discount code that you can use to gain entry at a reduced rate.
Show 78 – October 20th Melanie Moore, Moore People and Elaine Bolton, Beckwith Consulting joined us with their CIPD Kent Branch hats on, namely, East & South Kent Chair and West Kent Chair respectively. As well as sharing a little about what they do as volunteers for the Kent Branch, they also gave us a preview of what to expect at their forthcoming “‘Being Well Matters’” event, which will take place, November 5th, 9am-4:30pm at Hilton Hotel Maidstone. Listen to the show and find out how to book and be in with the chance to win a free Spa pass.
Show 79 – October 27th The wonderful Juliet Shand joined us to explain all about the fantastic charity, Erbs Palsy Group UK. If you missed Ellie’s poem, ready out on our show with Juliet back in March, you can listen again here.

Are you an OT or a Physio in Kent? Could you help Juliet and or many other parents? Contact Juliet via the website/twitter if you would could offer help/support in some way.


Show 80 – November 3rd Angela and Jan discuss the benefits of “hugs” as well as some top tips on wellbeing for those darker nights and winter hobbies. If you like/don’t like hugs, Angela is intrigued to know more, do you have a style, a time length preference? Let her know via her website Another Journey Begins contact us page. As Jan mentioned if you would like to know more about Ergonomics in the home/work, you can find more information and contact Jan via her business website, Greenleafe Ergonomics.
Show 81 – November 10th We were joined in the studio by one of our VIP listeners, Gwen. Angela and Jan discuss post surgery support/rehab, both the ups and downs from personal experiences and what is available “out there”. We also play a few tunes ahead of Remembrance Day tomorrow as we will be marking the 2 minute silence at 11am to “remember”. Enjoy your week everyone.
Show 82 – November 17th Today we heard from EffortlessJo and her challenge to teach 500 people in a year throughout the UK to learn Effortless Meditation. You can find out where Jo is next by looking at her website page here. Angela and Jan also discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Show 83 – November 24th Angela shares some of her experiences of the fantastic Wellbeing Symposium event of last week with the first of many interviews caught during the day. Today, hear Angela’s interview with the wonderful Steve Brown, London 2012 Paralympic GB Wheelchair Rugby Captain, as well as Simon Thorpe on Happiness from The Expressions Partnership and an update on what Liz Almond, Insightful Minds, is up to. We will be airing all of the interviews that we recorded from the day over the next few weeks, watch this space.


Show 84 – December 1st We have more interviews to share from the Wellbeing Symposium. Hear from Sophie Cannon (Social Justice Commentator and Family Barrister); Eleanor Mills (Editorial Director of The Sunday Times); Neil D’Silva (Ultim8 Wellness); Liza Schofield (Garden Organic).
Show 85 – December 8th We were joined in the studio by Jane Keet, an independent Arbonne Consultant who shared her story as to why she became involved with Arbonne and why she is passionate about their products. We also aired another interview from the recent Wellbeing Symposium, Matt Ireland of Absolute Health and Vitality.
Show 86 – December 15th We were joined in the studio by Scoot from Haugelands Farm! along with our guest Neil D’Silva of Ultim8 Wellness talking about nutrition and weight management and how to still enjoy Christmas without overdoing it. We also aired 2 more interviews we caught from the Wellbeing Symposium event back in November, namely: Deborah McNair of Restoring Health and Kim + Stephen Boggins of KB-Occupational Health Services.
Show 87 – December 22nd Hear Angela and her “billy-no-mates” Christmas Special including the last few interviews from Wellbeing Symposium, namely: Brett Hill of The Health Insurance Group; Maria Gallego of RBLI; Leo Bunyard of Maidstone Yoga Centre and of course, Ben McGannan of Wellbeing People.
Show 88 – December 29th Although not live in the studio, we put together a little playlist for you of some of our favourites and our guests/listener requests. Hope you enjoy and have a very safe and Happy New Year. Speak to you all in 2015.

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