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Show 102 – April 27th

LizAlmondOn today’s show we chatted with Liz Almond, The Money Attraction Angel, about money mindsets, how to manifest more money, a short exercise for you to take part in and a whole lot more including her book which will be out later this year, “Are you worth it? – A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset”.  Do visit Liz’s page to download her FREE Money Manifestation Workbook to help you understand how your perception of money may be making life difficult for you financially.


Show 101 – April 20th

ClaraGibsonShowAngela and Jan were back in the studio today with another lovely guest Clara Gibson, Life, Health and Wellbeing Coach incorporating USANA Health Sciences Nutritional Supplements. Clara finds it fascinating that pretty much 100% of the world’s population would acknowledge that there would be some area of their health or life that they would like to improve, yet only between 1-3%  take action to make a difference or get support to make change in their lives.  She is passionate that the world will be a vastly different (better), more effective, kinder, healthier, happier place when all individuals wake up to the fact that they can make even tiny changes, which over time can generate huge benefits, not only for the individuals – but also for others who come into contact with them.

Show 100 – April 13th

DrYehudiGordonAngela had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Yehudi Gordon, a London Consultant Gynaecologist specialising in integrated holistic healthcare and Bio Identical Hormones.  Hear him explain what Bio Identical Hormones are, how they help, their advantages plus his passion for an integrated holistic healthcare approach.