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Show 109 – June 29th

NewMedLtd_LogoWe were joined in the studio by Andy (Business Development Manager) of NewMed Ltd to hear all about what NewMed offer and the great benefits of PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Therapy.  We heard how it came about, name droppinAndy_NewMedLtd_studiog with NASA ! and how and why it helps people recover faster from injury/disease.  Andy also explained how it can help many conditions, such as Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, Arthritus and other mobility limitations.  They offer 2 week trials and all the devices are for use in the privacy of your own home.  They also offer devices for horses and dogs, such a great drug free pain relief complimentary therapy.

Show 108 – June 22nd

JulieDennisA jam packed show diary meant that our interview with Julie Dennis a few months ago had to wait until today to be aired.  We chatted with Julie about Menopause, the common symptoms and the simple natural solutions she helps her clients look at.  She also has a FREE report, ‘Menopause Mania to Menopause Magic‘,  that our listeners can take.  We also explored what exactly are Hormones and how do they affect our weight, body shape and energy levels.  Julie gave us a few tips to consider with recognising the signs of hormone imbalance and what to do about them.  There’s even a tip for our male listeners too!


Show 107 – June 15th

DHenningAngela was joined in the studio by the lovely Daphne Henning of Leaves Inspired who shared her story of how she came to have a change of career and help people to change their lives for the better.  We discussed the work of Pema Chodron, Martin Seligman and the wonderful website, Action for Happiness, all of which Daphne integrates in her work.


Show 106 – June 8th

SabineBlackaby2We were delighted to have Sabine Blackaby in the studio today to tell us all about the Feldenkrais® Method.  Lots of information on what it is, who invented it and why and also how it helps so many people move better in their daily activities of life.  Sabine offers both 1:1 lessons as well as group classes in Brighton and other areas of the UK.  She also works with adults who may be looking at rehabilitation after injury or stroke.  One other string to her bow, is she has undertaken Child’Space training in Amsterdam where she deepened her understanding of how to apply the theory of the Feldenkrais® Method to working with babies and their parents. She now offers courses for parents and their babies to observe and support their baby’s motor, speech, cognitive and social development in groups or 1:1 with babies and infants who may have developmental or neurological challenges.

As you will hear during the show, all Sabine’s contact details and lesson offerings are detailed on her Sabine Blackaby.  If you are based further afield, do check out The Feldenkrais Guild UK for other practitioners and also take a look a their FREE “Awareness Through Movement” lessons which were made available during May 2015 for Feldenkrais Awareness week.


Show 105 – June 1st

CarolMaceyWe were delighted to have Carol Macey back in the studio along with her colleague, Julia Robinson (journalist and copywriter) to hear Carol’s personal story of losing her son and how she now helps other bereaved mothers.  Carol shared how, as a bereaved parent, you do eventually reach an in between point where life does seem worthwhile.  She has also written a Blog message to bereaved parents where she shares this heartfelt message

“a bereaved heart does continue to beat and even feel great love and joy again”

Carol met Julia at a networking event and Julia is now helping Carol structure her story into book form, entitled “The spirit of Christopher” and we will post on here when it’s being launched for you to order.