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Show 70 – August 25th

Who Cares WinsHappy Birthday – again!  As Angela and Jan aren’t able to get into the studio due to various assignments with future show planning etc, we chose to air a repeat of our Birthday Show from March this year.  Thanks to all our listeners, guests & of course Channel Radio, who, without you, we wouldn’t still be here 🙂


Show 69 – August 18th

Pete, our Grove Ferry River Trip Skipper

While Angela and Jan are absent from the studio, Angela was able to catch a brief interview with Pete of Grove Ferry River Trips which she added onto the beginning of her revised “Celebration of 2013”. Do remember, our showtime changes on 15th September to 12 noon, a great excuse to start the working week by taking a lunchbreak and tuning in.

Show 67 – August 4th 2014

Angela & Jan "racing" on their smoothie bikes!

Angela & Jan “racing” on their smoothie bikes!

While we are away from the studio, busy liaising with upcoming guests for our shows, we have chosen this week to re-visit the show we aired after attending the fantastic Wellbeing Symposium last November, organised by Wellbeing People.  We met some great people, also had a go a the “smoothie challenge” (yes photo is of us celebrating our completing it, without collapsing!).   If you wish to get “booked” into our show diary as a guest, do get Contact Us.